We at Premier Conveyancing will be prepare a Transfer of Land for the ownership of your property.

Joint Ownership

This is usually the choice of married couples and each owner has an equal share of the property.

Joint Ownership or Joint Tenants means that if one of the owners of the property dies, the property is automatically transferred to the surviving proprietor irrespective of what is stated in their own Will.

Ownership in common

This is usually the choice of unrelated parties. It means that each owners share of the property whether they be equal or not is owned entirely by that owner and upon death can be transferred to whoever they please so long as it is stated in their Will. In this system of ownership, tenants can hold unequal shares and same can be noted on the Certificate of Title to issue in their names.


Buy a property

Buy a property

Buyer Beware applies to all Contracts signed by a purchaser and by signing the Contract the Purchaser is deemed to have fully read and understood the Contract together with making all necessary and complete enquiries to the relevant authorities prior to signing.

Sell a property

Sell a property

Any Vendor wanting to accept a written offer for the sale of a property is required to produce a Vendors Statement to the proposed Purchaser. We have very carefully prepared a Vendor Instruction Sheet which is a document we provide...

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