Prior to Settlement

At Premier Conveyancing an overview of our tasks included in our standard fee once we receive Contracts of Sale from yourself includes

The following is an overview of tasks included in our standard fee that we complete once a Contract has been received by our office:

  • Reading the Contract of Sale and sending you an initial letter informing one of many things ie. advising you to measure the property, your insurance requirements, confirmation of settlement dates and payment of deposit, responsibilities in relation to the connection of utilities, estimating costs of stamp duty & registration fees, confirming our costs etc.
  • Searching Title.
  • Arranging for the preparation of the Transfer of Land.
  • Arranging for the preparation of a Principle Place of Residency (if applicable)
  • Arranging for the preparation of a Pension Concession Declaration (if Appciable)
  • Ordering Certificates including:- Land Information Certificate, Water/Encumbrance Certificate, Property Planning Report, Land Tax Certificate, Roads Certificate & Owners Corporation-Body Corporate Certificate (if applicable).
  • Providing a set of Contract, Transfer of Land, Search of Certificate of Title, Vendor Statement and any relevant forms to your Bank/Lender to enable them to prepare Mortgage documents.
  • Preparing Notice of Acquisition.
  • Telephoning Council, Water & Land Tax Authorities, to establish whether rates & charges have been paid or if any arrears are outstanding
  • Arranging for the preparation of a Statement of Adjustments and Settlement Statement and forwarding to Vendor’s Representative.
  • Booking settlement with Vendors Representative & your Lender.
  • Sending a final letter to you which will include a Statement of Monies Involved, enclosing copies of Statement of Adjustments.
  • Telephoning Client advising settlement has occurred.
  • Sending Notice of Acquisition to Council & Water Authorities.


Unless specified in the Contract of Sale, the keys to the property you are purchasing are usually with the Estate Agent and can be collected by you upon confirmation that settlement has occurred.


For obvious reasons, arrangements for a removalists should be made as soon as possible. Premier Conveyancing will endeavour to provide a settlement time to you as soon as possible, however due to other parties involved it may not always be possible.

Telephone, Electricity & Gas:

You will be required to arrange for connection of services well in advance of settlement, Premier Conveyancing will forward a Notice of Acquisition to your local Council and Water board and Owners Corporation (Body Corporate) when settlement has been effected

Buy a property

Buy a property

Buyer Beware applies to all Contracts signed by a purchaser and by signing the Contract the Purchaser is deemed to have fully read and understood the Contract together with making all necessary and complete enquiries to the relevant authorities prior to signing.

Sell a property

Sell a property

Any Vendor wanting to accept a written offer for the sale of a property is required to produce a Vendors Statement to the proposed Purchaser. We have very carefully prepared a Vendor Instruction Sheet which is a document we provide...

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