Title Insurance

Australia has one of the best land registration systems in the world, however it does not protect buyers against all potential risks. Something as simple as a fault in a document can result in a defect on your title to your land.

With the advent of Google Earth, Councils can now view your property without stepping a foot in it to ascertain whether there have been any illegal structures built, you as a owner of the property are responsible for the works regardless of whether it was built by a previous owner or an owner 30 years ago.

Title insurance provides protection against a wide range of risks that can be apparent on any property or property transaction, basically insuring that the owner of that property has good title. 

Fraud, unregistered easements and rights of way, encroachments on land and loss sustained due to forced removal of an illegal structure, are just a few of the other risks that can affect a buyer’s interest in a property, especially when excess costs and legal fees are required to rectify these issues.

Aside from providing the purchaser with security in the title to the land, and provision for legal fees incurred to defend against the aforementioned problems, Title Insurance can also facilitate a smoother settlement by eliminating the risks and issues as they arise, and providing 'gap' coverage for the period between settlement and registration.

So, what can happen to mean that you may not have good title?

  • Illegal building works being discovered that could result in the council ordering you to demolish or repair parts, if not all, of the property.
  • Someone else claiming an interest in your land. This can occur between settlement of your purchase and the title being registered in your name.
  • Fraud or forgery resulting in a challenger to your ownership, or in a fraudulent mortgage being registered against the property.
  • Any issue that would have been revealed in an up to date survey.
  • Zoning issues which prevent you from residing in the house.
  • Outstanding rates and taxes from previous owner which you could become liable for after settlement.

Should you require title insurance we suggest you view the following website  www.firsttitle.com.au

Buy a property

Buy a property

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Sell a property

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